Why Get a Mobi App?


Mobilizing Your School, Sports Team or Other Groups

  • Discover why others are signing up for their own Mobi -- All-in-one Mobile App and Online Website solution!
  • "We want to be the first school in our area to have this"
  • "I'm just trying to figure out why you aren't charging more for all of this"
  • "This app would be a great recruiting tool for scouts interested in my kids"
  • "The ad capability jumps out at me as a way to make even more money"
  • "The fact that I don't need a webmaster eliminates a huge headache for me"


Generate Revenue!

Many booster clubs are interested in increasing profit margin by including the app as part of their current sponsorship package. The app incorporates full-page, banner, and personal ads to help generate additional revenue and maximize exposure for all sponsors.The options are limitless!


Are you ready to make the high school football experience better for everyone at your school? Imagine being the first football program in your area to offer a mobile information hub for your fans. With hard-copy football programs becoming a thing of the past, mobile applications are emerging as the number one resource where people gather information. MobiTree is now offering a mobile app for high schools across the country interested in upgrading their program with the very latest in cutting-edge technology.

Thousands of diehard fans both at the stadium and around the world will be able to view roster information, team schedules, coach biographies, and player pictures directly from a cell phone. The application is specifically designed for any smartphone in order to make information available to the on-the-go fan and create more buzz for your program.


Coach's Show

  • Fans can hear their head coach talk about the positives from practice heading into the next game.
  • Coaches have the chance to give their perspective on the team's progress and promote their athletes.
  • The title sponsor's ad will appear on the screen, generating more revenue for the program.
  • Everyone has on-demand access to the coach's show and can listen whenever they want.
  • Interviews can be recorded with any smartphone to make the uploading process easy for everyone.
  • Shows can run in the offseason to highlight spring practice, summer drills, weight lifting, and more.
  • Length of show is unlimited for more in-depth conversations like an interview for senior night.


Team Roster

  • Fans can view the roster at the game on Friday night to discover who made the big play.
  • Parents won't have to bring their program anymore because it's all available at the touch of a button.
  • College scouts on the sidelines can find out who made the game-saving tackle near the endzone.
  • Users will be able to view unique stats of players including number, classification, and position.
  • Along with a headshot photo, each player can have action shots tagged along with their information.
  • Spectators can look at the roster to identify underclassmen taking the field late in the game.
  • Arrange your roster by level such as varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams.


Photo Gallery

  • Parents can show off their athlete at the office on Monday with pictures from last week's game.
  • Fans view new pictures instead of old photos in the program issued before the season.
  • The gallery holds an unlimited number of images including action shots, team photos, and fan pics.
  • Full page ads appear within the gallery to increase revenue and give sponsors more exposure.
  • Users will appreciate the ability to access archives of memorable moments from previous seasons.
  • Organize your gallery according to each team level such as varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen.
  • Spectators at the stadium can take pictures with their smartphones to upload after the game.


The mobile application has many more features to help showcase your program including a function for sponsors, the option to stream your broadcasts from a mobile device, and the ability for fans to view a schedule with real-time GPS navigation. To inquire about getting a mobile app for your team, visit www.mobitree.mobi or contact MobiTree™ at 1-800-349-7563. It's a great way to make your program the best!

Learn How Others Like You are Getting Mobilized... “The way I look at it is we can either get on board now and be one of the first or watch everyone else get it and then get on board."
Grapevine Head Football Coach