As key decisions are made for the 2012-2013 season, surely your organization would want to avoid the following:

Leave money on the table:

How often are you left with giant stacks of printed programs that your booster club could not sell during football season? Most booster clubs commit early to bulk pricing and end up losing money in the end which presents the real need for an ongoing product that can generate money year-round.

Keep volunteer participation low:

With members having full-time jobs, the opportunity to get commitments from parent volunteers is extremely difficult. Booster club presidents are lacking a reliable resource that can provide constant updates on needing help with events such as game concessions, fundraisers, banquets, and more.

Find a webmaster to update your website:

Seeking a candidate within your organization who has experience coding html has become increasingly difficult. Many booster clubs discontinue their website leaving their athletic programs without an online location for die-hard fans.

Not go mobile:

In an age where Smartphones rule the world, fans everywhere are frustrated with viewing a desktop website on a mobile device. Many of the sponsors who purchased ad space on the website are not receiving the type of exposure they could be getting with a mobile site that’s with everyone at all times.

These booster club officials tell their story of avoiding these very same issues last year and the reason for continuing to build their Mobi brand in 2012:


Scott Earley
Athletic Director
Lexington High School,
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South Carolina

“Our sponsors are always looking to reach people in the local community and there is no better way to get in front of our fans than on a device that’s with everyone at all times. One of our local car dealerships bought the naming rights for $5,000 and is already back on board for next year!”


Al Steinhaus
Booster Club President
Colleyville Heritage High School,
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“This was a win-win situation for us last year. We found a local restaurant in the area that spent $3,000 to be the exclusive sponsor of our weekly coach’s show. We went from having a broken website to offering an all-in-one desktop and mobile optimized website to our fans. As a booster club, we are excited and ready to build on this success.”


Theresa Bahl-Micale
Communications Director
Arapahoe High School,
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“As a parent with a full-time job I wanted to make it easier on everyone involved with our booster club. We no longer need a technical person to run our website and going mobile for our students, teachers, parents, and fans tremendously helps promote our kids and our program.”



As your booster club faces important decisions in the coming weeks, remember the experiences shared above by those who have already improved their organization with going mobile. MobiTree can help get you started today by emailing or call toll-free 1.800.349.7563 or click here.

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