What is the first thing people look at in the morning, and the last thing at night? Surprisingly, it’s not their family or even pets, it’s their mobile phones .  Don’t feel bad - their family members are looking at their phones,too.  More people will be searching the internet on a mobile device by 2013, than PC’s or laptops. The Time for Mobile is Now.

Sports programs just like yours have gone mobile, and we want to share with you the results, and how they made the change to the mobile market with a Mobi™ by MobiTree – an all-in-one Mobile App & Website solution – that now features email and text communication, in the same easy-to-use system.  We know that your organization is researching whether to launch a Mobile App this year, as well as updating their websites.  Now is the time to take advantage of our limited time offer to get your Sports Mobi™.


Chugiak, AK, Vikings, Lamar, TX, Dargons, Carroll, TX, Bearcats, Aledo, TX Wildcats, Centreville, VA, and hundreds more throughout the country listened to their fans, their sponsors and their community and got a customized Mobi App for their team or All-Sports at their schools. Many of the state champions and finalists are already mobile with MobiTree.

Here are the top reasons they made the change:

  1. Increase Participation:  Real-time news feeds, half-time promotions, voting, contests, raffles - is entirely more effective through a the Mobi App on your Smartphone and tablet.   Today’s family is doing everything on their phone - so why not go to where they are?  You will get amplified results by going mobile.
  2. Revenue Generator:  Clients are centering their advertising and sponsorship programs around the Mobi, selling ad packages for thousands of dollars, and incorporating their print media guides.  Because fans are using the Mobi on their phone and logging into the desktop website throughout the year, utilizing eCoupons, and responding to ads, teams are charging a premium for it.  Fans can also buy personal ads in the Mobi to generate revenue.  Others are taking advantage of MobiTree’s programs, including discount card giveaways, interactive mobile contests and donations with sponsors at events.
  3. Time Saver:  Reduce your workload – publish content with the click of a button to the mobile app and website, with no technical knowledge needed.  MobiTree enables you to upload scores, news, photos and videos all from your Smartphone from the game or tournament IN REAL TIME, without needing a clunky computer.
  4. Eliminate the Webmaster:   No more sending content to a webmaster, only to wait in queue for your content to be published. MobiTree’s team will design and set up your Sports Mobi™, so you don’t worry about it.  You can log in to MobiTree's unique, state-of-the-art Content Management System to post new content to both the app and website with the click of a button. It's that easy!
  5. Being First:   Your team wants to win, and many organizations are going mobile with MobiTree because they wanted to be first and showcase their teams before the competition does.  Since it's affordable, easy to set up, easy to use, your team can be one of the first to showcase their new technology for 2012-2013 season. MobiTree can put you ahead of the game.


So how did they make the decision?  Most clients forwarded emails like this to their coaches, athletic directors and booster club leadership – and then asked MobiTree for a quick meeting and demo.  WE ARE READY TO MEET TODAY.   Once they talked to us, learned from our experience leading booster clubs and working with schools, they made the decision.

Easy-to-use.  Afforable.  We  Get You Started. Learn More Today.

Tell-Your-Team:  Just click here to refer someone to MobiTree, and we will give you a special introductory offer.   You will be generating a profit from your Mobi within the first 30 days with our special marketing programs and support. Call us today at 1.800.349.7563 so we can share the many ways you can win with mobile.   


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John M. Reistrup
Chief Operating Officer