Three Goals Head Coaches Should Set for 2015

Head coaches everywhere are working hard to give their student-athletes a better all-around high school football experience. Whether it’s the best uniforms or state-of-the-art equipment, it’s no secret that coaches want the very best for their players. Although winning a state title is the ultimate goal, a bigger objective remains in terms of players learning, developing, and succeeding in an environment that drives positive reinforcement.  What if there was a quick and easy program designed to help head coaches achieve all three of the following goals?

Encourage Your Players

For decades parents have purchased a full-page ad in the printed program to pay tribute to their young athlete. The Super Fan Blitz allows parents to make a donation to the team and also leave a personalized message for their player that remains on your website and mobile app all season long.

Better Your Performance

Lift-a-thons, cookie dough drives, and discount cards are among the most common campaigns that team’s run throughout the year. These programs often take an enormous amount of time and patience to produce results. The Super Fan blitz is a completely automated process that takes an hour to run. Head coaches no longer need to handle money and now have a detailed summary of collected donations.


Win a State Championship

Although running the Super Fan Blitz can’t guarantee a state championship, it certainly helps to play a role in preparing a team for the season. As a result of running the campaign, programs can afford to upgrade their uniforms, equipment or training facilities to position their team for a long playoff run.

The Super Fan Blitz is a new online program that’s designed to not only generate more revenue in less time, but also provides an online resource for parents to encourage players, better results for fundraisers, and help bring a team closer to a state title. It’s the fastest and easiest fundraiser a team can run. Don't forget to ask about the 'Gridiron Guarantee' where we guarantee you'll make more than a lift-athon.

If you’re a head coach interested in running this terrific program in the upcoming spring season, contact MobiTree today at 817-953-2993 or email at

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