Spring-Ford Rams Take Mobile Approach to Rewarding Levels

The Spring-Ford football program is making noise both on and off the field in Royersford, PA. During the summer of 2012, the Rams coaching staff was in search of giving its devout group of athletes, parents, fans, and advertisers a better football experience. Head Coach Chad Brubaker had decided to move away from what his team had grown accustomed to over many years: printing programs in bulk and barely breaking even.

Instead, Brubaker discovered a method that is more cost-effective as well as excitable for his well-deserving fans. As the Rams complete their deep postseason run, Brubaker can look back on his off-the-field goals for this season and check off the following:

  • Raise more money for the program
  • Create high-level exposure for the team’s loyal group of advertisers
  • Bring fans together nationwide with a friendly, on-the-go interactive tool
  • Promote student-athletes for a better chance for a brighter future

“The Mobi allowed us to monetize aspects of our website and program that we never could before, and we can provide relevant feedback to our advertisers,” Brubaker said.  “We feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of how much money we can raise for our program.”


The risk of taking the printed program and overall marketing efforts in a new direction was well worth the reward for Brubaker as the Rams generated over $20,000 in total revenue. How did they do it? Any sports team on the planet is capable of purchasing its very own website and mobile app. However, the ability to maximize every asset to its fullest potential takes something more. Take a look at the various ways in which Brubaker and his staff capitalized on their newly discovered method:

The Spring-Ford football program generated over $10,000 of revenue in only 40 minutes

In August, the Rams coaching staff completed the Super Fan Blitz, a fundraising campaign used in conjunction with the Mobi that raises money for sports teams in less than an hour. As a result, the Spring-Ford football program generated over $10,000 of revenue in only 40 minutes.  The blitz program also yielded a positive result with fans and players as donors left send-off messages for their favorite players in exchange for a donation to the team.

Popular Mobi sponsorships spawned over $10,000 in advertising sales

Each year presents an opportunity for advertisers in the surrounding area to embed their brand in front of thousands of fans. Local businesses are always in search of the best way possible to get in front of potential customers. The Mobi offers companies an opportunity to showcase their product via rotating banner ads, embedded full-page ads, coupons, and more. For Rams supporters, “The Gridiron Presented By Maxout” is a weekly favorite that features a fun-filled video with interviews from Spring-Ford coaches and players. Maxout, a fitness establishment serving three locations in Pennsylvania, paid $1,000 to sponsor the video posted in the news section each week.

The Rams’ Mobi received over 17,000 hits in a three-month span thanks to interactive content

Promoting the official team website has always been a challenge for booster clubs and web administrators everywhere. However, an even bigger challenge is providing a reason for fans to return to the site. The Rams supply fans with in-depth previews and recaps, team videos, full rosters with pictures of players, timely updates to standings and schedules, and many others. Over 65% of the people that access spring-fordfootball.mobi are returning visitors and every visitor that enters spends an average of at least five minutes on the site. Since its inception three months ago, the Rams’ Mobi has garnered heavy interest from fans, receiving over 17,000 total hits. A large majority of fans have fallen in love with the player highlight videos attached to each roster profile, a feature that provides more recruiting exposure for Brubaker’s talented corps of athletes.

Sounds a bit better than a printed program doesn’t it? For more on Chad Brubaker and the Spring-Ford Rams’ incredible success story, please visit their Mobi at www.spring-fordfootball.mobi.

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