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Spotlight: Tim Buchanan & Aledo Football

Head Coach, Aledo High School Football

The Aledo Bearcats are currently one of the most dominate high school football programs in the country. After capturing their fourth state championship in school history last winter, the Bearcats are building on their tremendous success by generating more money than ever before with MobiTree’s latest fundraising opportunity. In addition to Aledo utilizing MobiTree’s all-in-one App/Mobile Website as a convenient communication outlet for their community, the Bearcats are now participating in the Super Fan League blitz, a new fundraising event that is scoring a big win for the entire program in a very small amount of time.

“I’m so amazed with the results. The Super Fan Blitz is the only fundraiser I’ll be doing from now on. I’ll never do another lift-a-thon again,” said Coach Tim Buchanan.

This revolutionary fundraising program is a fantastic teambuilding event that combines the Mobi app along with each player’s participation to generate revenue for the team. As a result, Aledo can provide its players with the best football experience with several upgrades including uniforms, equipment, state-of-the-art jumbotron, new turf, and more. This unique sports fundraising opportunity creates the ability for schools, teams, and booster clubs to notify thousands of fans through social media as well as word of mouth to collect hundreds of donations. Watch as Coach Buchanan and Craig Harbuck, a member of the Bearcat Booster Club discuss it in their ever popular weekly coach’s show:

“The Coach’s Show now and throughout the rest of the year is being promoted by Aledo Athletic Booster Club and we started our own mobile app. If you will go to, you can actually log on and see, from your desktop you can see the splash page, everything from the coaches to the rosters, bios of the kids, pictures of the kids, you know it’s a pretty neat interactive tool. Also, if you’re on your Droid, or your iPad or your iPhone you can go to the same, hit bookmarks and and save it as an app.”
-Aledo Booster Club Head - Craig Harbuck

If a four-time state champion in the Aledo Bearcats is using this one-of-a-kind tool, then why aren’t you? For more information on how you can make more money than ever before with minimal time and effort, call MobiTree at 817-281-4040.


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