Smaller Athletic Programs Raising $7,000 in Under an Hour

The Byron Nelson High School Volleyball team generated $7,000 in only 40 minutes thanks to the very same fundraising tool that has produced tons of success for many well-known football programs like the Aledo Bearcats, Allen Eagles, and Colleyville Heritage Panthers. The Lady Bobcats are among a variety of smaller athletic programs that generated such remarkable revenue through the use of the “Super Fan Program,” a specialized fundraising feature within an all-in-one desktop and mobile app. As a result of running the program, Lady Bobcat Head Coach Libby Pacheco has the funds available to provide an even better experience for her team. Get Yours Today
“The ‘Super Fan Program’ gave our volleyball team a great fundraising alternative,” Pacheco said.  “The funds that we generated through this program will allow us to purchase training supplies for our off-season program, tournament travel expenses, and team gear.”
Not only did the process raise money for the program, but it also provided an outlet for parents, grandparents, friends and many more to leave a one-time message for their favorite players as they compete throughout the year.
“Players have loved having their friends and family express their well wishes on their Mobi profile pages. Many of the donations came from family members and friends that would not normally get a chance to support the player, so this was a great alternative.”
The fundraising tool works seamlessly in conjunction with the Mobi and allows many clubs around the country like Byron Nelson Volleyball to raise more money in only 40 minutes. Get Yours Today
“Our booster club loved it because it required very little effort on their part. Contributors loved it because they felt like they could be a part of their athlete’s lives, even though they couldn’t physically be present at their games.”
Coach Pacheco and her staff not only have an all-in-one desktop and mobile app offered to fans, but also an opportunity to financially support a better future for the Lady Bobcat Volleyball program.
“We will definitely be using the Super Fan Program again.  Players loved the program because they were able to share a part of themselves with family and friends from all over the country.“
For more information on how to raise your program $7,000 in 40 minutes, click here to contact MobiTree.
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