Q&A with McKinney Head Football Coach Jeff Smith

The McKinney football program transitioned to utilizing the 'Super Fan Blitz' fundraiser in conjunction with their first all-in-one mobile app and desktop website combination. As a result of moving away from more traditional fundraisers, the Lions were able to generate $13,000 in one evening. Obviously pleased with the outcome, McKinney Head Football Coach Jeff Smith was eager to discuss the off-the-field victory that created such excitement for players, parents, and the entire Lion community. The following is a quick Q&A with the Coach Smith that highlights McKinney’s experience using the program.



What did you like most about running the 'super fan blitz'?

It was a pretty exciting evening at McKinney High School.  Our players really got into it and I was truly overwhelmed by the money that we were able to raise at the end of the night. I liked having all of our players working together in the same room and completing the task in under a couple of hours.

How does this campaign compare to other fundraisers?

We were able to have a quality fundraiser that kept all of our kids in one location participating together.  It was the easiest fundraiser that we have ever done.

What was the experience like for your players?

They really got into it and began competing against one another for number of pledges and superfans.

What are parents saying about it?

Our parents want to help out our boys anyway possible and this is a way they can give to our program and also encourage their son through the super fan page in the process.

How will the results help your program?

These funds help us purchase more equipment and needs for our program.


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