Making the Right Decisions at Your Booster Club Board Meetings

For High School Booster Club Board Members, being able to formulate the right decisions for your organization and getting approval can be a daunting task.  Check out the latest Booster Club Newsletter Edition from MobiTree, "Decision 2012", to read how about other individuals who were in your same shoes last year made the decision to launch their own branded Mobi -- all - in - one Mobi and Website and are extracting thousands of dollars of incremental revenue and value from their groups.  Clearly, you are risking a lot for your organization by not making the right decision and delaying a decision another year -- listen to your peers throughout the U.S. who have made the change.

Most Clubs have utilized the MobiTree sales kit to identify and use the Mobi and Website to amplify their entire marketing programs, eliminate or reduce the amount of printing for media guides, raise new sponsorship and advertising revenue, increase participation and finally go mobile -- extracting value 24/7 for fans, the teams/schools/bands - no matter the organization -- and advertisers.   Our client's Mobi App's have 70% repeat use on average, up to 30 minutes per unique visit during games and have very high impressions, click through rates and lead generation for advertisers

These booster club officials tell their story of avoiding these very same issues last year and the reason for continuing to build their Mobi brand in 2012:


Scott Earley
Athletic Director
Lexington High School,
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South Carolina

“Our sponsors are always looking to reach people in the local community and there is no better way to get in front of our fans than on a device that’s with everyone at all times. One of our local car dealerships bought the naming rights for $5,000 and is already back on board for next year!”


Al Steinhaus
Booster Club President
Colleyville Heritage High School,
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“This was a win-win situation for us last year. We found a local restaurant in the area that spent $3,000 to be the exclusive sponsor of our weekly coach’s show. We went from having a broken website to offering an all-in-one desktop and mobile optimized website to our fans. As a booster club, we are excited and ready to build on this success.”


Theresa Bahl-Micale
Communications Director
Arapahoe High School,
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“As a parent with a full-time job I wanted to make it easier on everyone involved with our booster club. We no longer need a technical person to run our website and going mobile for our students, teachers, parents, and fans tremendously helps promote our kids and our program.”



Learn How Others Like You are Getting Mobilized... “The way I look at it is we can either get on board now and be one of the first or watch everyone else get it and then get on board."
Grapevine Head Football Coach