Booster Club Mistakes

     The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  This is what we at MobiTree often see when initially visiting with a booster club.   Volunteers leave the booster club often frustrated and discouraged when their time is up.  MobiTree exists today primarily for this reason.  We often are a firewall for the new volunteer who raised their hand to be on the board, and the ex-board member who can not get out the door fast enough.   Unfortunately their is not much support for booster clubs out on the web.  The 3 biggest mistakes we often see are:


1.  Lack of Notes - Everything that went down last year was thrown together in chaos mode, and the person who was in charge is no where to be found.  Often the leader of the Booster Club is a parent of a senior and will be checking out soon.  It's the Kentucky Basketball version of one and done.  Boards should make sure the officers are spread out in classification responsibility to make sure at least 50% of the board is not leaving the next year.  

2.  Lack of communication - There is no plan to effectively communicate between players, coaches, and parents.  Coach has his way, players have their way, and parents have their way.  The practice should be the same for all 3 parties.  Everyone should know the answer to "where do i go to get in the know".

3.  Lack of Volunteers - Effectively leading the booster club to engage the fanbase is a struggle.  The fans are primarily uninformed and do not know where to go to get involved.   If you solve 1 and 2, you will find that #3 will increase.  "If I would have only known", maybe its an excuse, but at least you can now remove this one from the list.

Make sure your board is well rounded with relationships to players of different classifications.  Make sure all communication begins and ends at the same source.  Most of all, use the source to increase participation and make everyone's life much less stressful.

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