MobiTree Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

MobiTree has a variety of mobile and online advertising and sponsorship opportunities for your business which will enable you to acquire more customers, showcase your product and engage with the community through their own Mobi Apps in the hands of affinity groups nationwide. We have advertising packages available for national, regional and local placements which will enable your brand to be showcased in branded Mobi's -- an all-in-one Mobile App, Website, Email, Text and Social Media Management CMS Solution -- used by highly engaged affinity groups throughout the U.S.  You get access to these affluent users, including the important household purchase decision makers, through their Smartphone, tablet and PC devices all in one solution.  Mobi's are embedded in community groups throughout the U.S. with content provided by the community which means it is highly utilized with average times on the Mobi much greater than a standard website or social media site.  As an advertiser, you can get geo-targeting capabilities and can instantly publish local ads in the hands of consumers immediately surrounding the location nearest the individual while they are using the Mobi's of their favorite sports teams, schools, non-profits, events and more.  MobiTree enables advertisers to identify and target hyper-local mobile and online consumers based on their affinity groups, interests, profiles, location, distance, registration, shopping behavior, and other information.  Even better, Mobi users have a 70% retention rate, a very high average time on App/site per unique visitor and robust usage of their favorite affinity group Mobi's -- because it has content that they care about -- their kids, family, schools, sports, events, teams and favorite brands.  Get a live demo and learn more today at



Your target audience awaits...

Major retailers, restaurants, sports-apparel, beverage companies, real estate companies, insurance companies, automobile and financial services companies have already purchased advertising media and are benefiting from MobiTree's direct-to-consumer initiatives to your brand, product, message and offer in the hand of your target customer.

MobiTree enables brands to access the Mobi's of Affinity Groups -- their Smartphones, Tablets, PC's, Laptops, Email or Text -- which are heavily utilized by visitors, with high repeat usage, 24/7 mobility and a vital part of the local community.  

For case studies, rates and package information, call MobiTree today at 800.349.7563 or Contact Us.

MobiTree Advertising Per Mobi:

  • Title Sponsorship Packages
  • Naming rights for client Mobi
  • Mention in Scrolling Bar
  • Full Page Ads
  • Coupons
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Ads
  • Commercials
  • Text Ads
  • Unlimited Personal Ads
  • Video and audio broadcast shows
  • ...and more.


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